We can’t take Syria in isolation to the greater foreign policy of the US in the Middle East. Just go back 14 years and you’ll come across a long-term plan drafted then by the Bush administration called the Greater Middle East Initiative. As Condoleezza Rice put it: “It’s the birth […]

Don’t take the Syrian Situation in Isolation

Isn’t it amazing that throughout your entire life the people call you by your name, but the moment your soul has been taken from your person they refer to you as the ‘body’… “Where’s the body? When will we bury the body?” Your name is stripped away and not even […]

The day you become just a ‘body’

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِالرَّحِيْمِ Bismillah ar-rahman ar-raheem The persecution against the Muslims living in Rakhine State in Myanmar (Burma) has been ongoing for decades, including Operation King Dragon in 1978, the mass immigration to Bangladesh borders during 1991-1992,  the Rakhine state riots in 2012, the 969 Movement in 2013 led by […]

The Truth Behind the Rohingya Genocide

When the Western media highlights a specific event spectacularly and disproportionately to other issues around the world, it should make you ponder why? This is something we have seen over the past 10 years or more and often they are later deemed to be false flag intelligence-led events. However, the […]

Barcelona Van Attack: How this achieves America’s aim in splitting ...

Stay-behind operatives were used during the Cold War by the CIA to be activated in the event of that country being taken over by the “enemy”. These operatives were tasked with creating resistance movements which were financed, armed and directed from abroad. A cheap and effective way of ensuring America’s […]

Stay-Behind Activist: Nasser Zefzafi in Morocco

Capitalism is on trial after the #GrenfellTower disaster. It proves there are many that are disillusioned with the system. It proves that anti-establishment is not only anti-Capitalism but people seeking a new system. It proves the weakness of the West and how they’re struggling to keep their population content, even […]

Grenfell Tower Fire: Capitalism on Trial

American foreign policy regarding Islam hasn’t changed since the fall of communism. They have been fighting the tide of an Islamic revival for decades now and while the styles may have adapted over time, they themselves know there is no winning formula to defeat Islam as the idea of Islam […]

Did the ‘War on Islam’ change with the new administration?

If this attack turns out to be a terror attack, then it’s timing is well calculated, similarly to the Westminster attack, Russian metro bombing and the Stockholm truck attack.   On the 25th January, the Trump administration set a 90 day deadline to implement “safe zones” in Syria, or as […]

Attack on Borussia Dortmund Football Team

Evacuate! This is the common call from across the world in regards to the Muslims of Aleppo, and who would not wish to? When witnessing the constant bombardment of Russian air strikes as well as knowing that Iranian militia alongside the disgraceful Alawite army of Assad will be knocking down […]

The Evacuation of Aleppo is a Trap!

As Trump prepares to take office and attempt to lead America down his vision many Muslims have become confused and uncertain about their future. It has become an emotional topic for some, to the point that they partake in lobbying, rallying, and supporting parties that represent Kufr (disbelief). Firstly, we […]

Trump becomes 45th U.S President: What does this mean for ...