Suruc Suicide Attack – Another example of ISIS’s lack of political awareness? 3

Is this another example of ISIS’s lack of political awareness or is it the same tactic used by the West to drag in other nations into the coalition?

This is similar to the situation with the Jordanian pilot whereby ISIS carried out a horrific public stunt with high level video editing for full effect of Moaz al-Kasesbeh burnt inside a metal cage and then crushed under a vehicle.

The UAE were pulling out of the joint coalition to fight ISIS and with Jordan’s public opinion being more inclined to non-involvement with ISIS, a convenient public stunt changed UAE’s stance as well as aiding in tipping the public opinion to the other side in Jordan – not to mention it just so happened to be the son of a very influential tribal figure in Jordan.

Why is it that ISIS carry out actions that are only detrimental to themselves. Is it not better to establish themselves and secure their own people before calling on the air strikes from yet another bordering nation? Rather it is an agenda to aid the West in its plans to further separate the Muslims, not only on nationalism but by physical borders.

Turkey has not until now carried out any air-strikes against ISIS under the banner of the coalition formed by the Americans. The Suruc massacre has conveniently given an excuse for more destruction in Syria and Iraq. It is important to note that these strikes will be launched from Incirlik Air Base which was constructed by the Americans during the Cold War after Turkey had joined the Allies. Although it is called the Incirlik Air Base it would be more relevant to be called the ‘Adana Air Base’ which was the original name given by the Americans who still have more personnel (Approx 5000) present at the airbase as well as the UK’s Royal Air Force.

This is just one of many examples of how ISIS are playing into the hands of the West, arguably on purpose. We have not even mentioned the Saudi border attacks the pulled the Saudi’s into action, the Egyptian massacre on the border of Libya that conveniently gave Sisi financial support in fighting ISIS and the recent Tunisian resort attack that has given the government in Tunis the permission to build a physical wall separating themselves from Libya.

It is important also to note that the border under construction between Tunisia and Libya has a completion date of December 2015 (6 months) which spans approximately 300 miles, only 200 miles shorter than the Turkish Syrian border, setting the precedence for Turkey to also create a physical border to separate the Muslims further. It is argued over 80% of those fighting in Syria have crossed from the Turkish border due to its lack of security and ease of access. The Turkish politicians vehemently deny this saying it is too hard to control such a long border, although this excuse no longer works due to the short time in which Tunisia will create a divide.

Is this a re-marking of the faded lines drawn by Sykes and Picot?

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3 thoughts on “Suruc Suicide Attack – Another example of ISIS’s lack of political awareness?

  • Abu Khalil

    Salam Kam,

    Mashallah you’ve got a lot of overwhelming proof maneuverable actions to support your claim.

    This is why regardless of the activities taking place in the Muslim world, the most critical of which is the Arab world, at this stage it is very sensitive to change in any direction expect for the correct islamic one.

    We are living at s time where the groups are very violent and are manipulated to portray Islam negatively.

    Some years back, the different entities out there would never imagine that they could have ‘achieved’ what isis has (even though we know they then and now are not else serious in their efforts) today, game plan has changed and that is due to discontent of people with the current way things are regressing.

    To answer your question, perhaps it is and perhaps it isn’t. But are these changes in the way the political maneuvers are executed signaling any change? Not really. Are they significant to affect the Muslims? Absolutely because in a few more years, they wouldn’t be able to talk with or another due to different ‘people’ with their different languages imposed around the Arabs!

    Divide and conquer!

    • Kam Post author

      Wa alaikum assalaam Abu Khalil,

      I am almost certainly sure that ISIS are Western-led. Every action up until today has only benefited the West and it’s agenda for new sectarian lines or clamping down on sincere Muslims who work for real change. The recent attacks in Bangladesh is another example of an ISIS attack that couldn’t have been planned by ISIS but rather through secret services linked back to the West. At a time where ISIS are losing Fallujah and suffering deadly blows, it would be the last thing on their mind to attack Bangladesh.

      In fact, the West would have been concerned about the Islamic movements gaining prominence in Bangladesh and the constant butchering of atheist bloggers and what better excuse to clamp down on the sincere elements. ISIS only ever pop up with spectacular attacks when it’s needed.

      • Abu Khalil

        And if you need more proof check this out Saudi Arabia’s city of Medina ‘hit by suicide bomb’

        This is how everyone will be dragged into the quagmire called Syria!!!

        No sane person does this and no sane person has ever done this!!!

        The outcome once again will benefit none other than the Muslims.

        The cause was also against the Muslims.

        The facade that the boogeyman is a Muslim is also against the Muslims.

        Here’s something interesting, as much as the plan is to use Muslims to lure Muslims thickens, Muslims will wake up more to the real causes and force change.


        We are at end of the first stage and entering the interactive stage.