YouStink campaign in Lebanon is covertly headed by the U.S 2

The YouStink movement is allegedly due to the dysfunctional garbage collection services in Lebanon, but like all ‘color revolutions’ conducted by America, they start off based on domestic issues before they brew into a far more game changing scenario. This is why the placards being raised not only want the issue of garbage collection to be resolved but also a complete overhaul of the government, calling for new and fresh elections based on participatory democracy.

How do we know that the Americans are behind these movements? Well if we look at this movement in a superficial manner we would see that they often start off with a prominent and catchy hashtag that trends fairly quickly across the country, a symbol or logo is shared amongst the masses without any obvious coordination and rallies are held with high media coverage.

However the more telling signs are those who head the movement and coordinate it.

Imad Bazzi – The coordinate of the YouStink movement who is a trainee of the Serbian NGO Optor, an organisation linked to the USIP (United States Institute of Peace). Optor was instrumental in toppling  Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic. It trained, under the tutelage of executive director Sergio Popovic at the CANVAS centre in Belgrade, hundreds of activists in more than 37 countries to spearhead and oversee coup d’états and “soft” and “colour” revolutions by instigating civil and peaceful protests.

Asaad Thebian – an alumni of the US State Department’s U.S.-Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI). In 2014 he stood in front of American flags with US State department seal fixed on the podium at a MEPI dinner event.

Here is the Youtube link for it:

He was quoted by Al Jazeera saying:
“We started as dozens of protesters and now we’re thousands,” Asaad Thebian, an activist with the You Stink! campaign, said during Friday’s press conference. “We are demanding parliamentary elections.”

Michel Elefteriades – helped co-organize the US-backed mobs in Lebanon in 2005’s “Cedar Revolution” and worked for years to expel Syrian troops from Lebanon.
Business Times conducted a lengthy interview with him regarding the YouStink campaign in Lebanon.

Here is the link:

On his comment in regards to a power vacuum after getting a political change he said:
“There is a leadership that is ready to take over and there will not be a vacuum,” Elefteriades explained. “There are many people, with great capacities, but that are still suffocated by this political elite and this new class will never be able to lead this country because those in place don’t want to give them space. So, as soon as that old political class will have left, there will be the emergence of a new political class, from one day to the next.”

It would seem that there is clearly a sketched out plan in place with all those in charge linked back to the U.S. State Department.

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