The Jihadis – A Pawn for the West

A recent confab took place in Saudi Arabia which included “opposition” leaders from the factions fighting in Syria, namely Ahrar al-Sham and Jaysh al-Islam, both affiliated to Al-Nusra Front who are a designated foreign terrorist organisation according to America – Saudi’s greatest ally.

After great strides made in Syria against Assad it was about time that they’d be put back into their place by America’s “enemy” Russia – but what has this achieved?

1) Allows the West to negotiate with the “rebels” temporarily until a deal is struck
a) Then wipes them out after claiming they have sided with Al Qaeda – similar to how most of the Jihadi factions were used and abused in the past after they’ve aided in the West’s plans.

2) It forces the many factions on the ground to compromise the political solution for Syria

a) Giving up the Sharia in return for a liberal democratic form of governance, contrary to what most of the factions call for.
3) Preserves the face of America as it is the ‘Russian Bear’ that is delivering the blows while America are the peacemakers that will inevitably be the leader in coming to a political solution.
a) At the same time it weakens the Russians, pulling them in to a battle that they’ll never be able to come out of without a dent, both domestically and internationally.
b) Creates a wedge between Russia and Turkey that will affect Russia moreso than Turkey due to its high dependency on trade after the sanctions with the European states.
As for the Jihadi’s, well… better luck next time. Sincere intentions, but the wrong method. However the sympathy shouldn’t be with them but rather the millions of innocent Muslims that will die due to their carelessness and inability to stick to the Prophetic method of bringing Islam back as a State.

May Allah make us one of those who persevere in the correct manner and in the manner that won’t be detrimental to the Ummah of Muhammad (sallalahu alayhi wasallam)

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