U.S. think-tank CSIS spells out to policy-makers the battle between Islam and Kufr

A recent article published by Anthony H. Cordesman of CSIS emphasises the battle of hearts and minds between the West and the Muslims.

It suggests that the struggle will continue for decades and that “No responsible political figure in the United States or the West can deny these realities. It is also time that our political leaders were honest about the struggle against Islamic extremism and terrorism. It is an ideological battle…” We should not take the term ‘ideological battle’ lightly. In order to defeat an ideology you must ensure those holding the belief, concepts and values of that ideology to abandon it for another, as was the case with Communism. This term alone should stun the believer as it is a clear message that the West will not relent until we have abandoned all that we stand for – Allah and His Messenger, may the peace and blessings be upon him.

It may seem from the apparent that the battle against Islam is happening in the Muslim world alone however the battle cannot be won abroad if it is not expelled from within. The report mentions that:

The core battle will not be fought outside the Islamic world. The United States, Europe, Asian states, and Russia are all on the periphery of the core battle. Defeating terrorism and extremism requires reform and replacing frustration and failed governance with leadership and hope. Moderate Muslim clerics and Muslim governments must demonstrate their legitimacy and defeat extremism at the ideological level.

Using the excuse of terrorism and extremism they are attempting to replace the already corrupt governments in place in the Muslim world with leaders that can push democracy and secularism, something quite clearly planned since the Greater Middle East Initiative in 2004. A Muslim government only holds legitimacy in the West’s eyes if She defeats extremism at the ideological level – a clear indication that there is no room for a truly Islamic government or system as the term extremism to the West are those who believe in the Sharia of Allah and the Caliphate.

But, unless the West recognizes the need to keep moderate Muslim states as critical partners in the fight against terrorism and extremism, it will remain a target and risks some extremist movement taking over a state or states that have a Muslim majority.

Does the writer not mean to say ‘another’ extremist movement to take over a state? It shows that they do not find ISIS to be a credible threat, just a pretext used to further their agenda and they worry that a real Caliphate may rise with a Muslim majority backing it.

The article highlights the fact that the Muslim population will increase rapidly by 2050, over 70%. Pew Research documented the growth over a 10 year period and found the trends to be quite alarming for the West.

 Projected Change in Global Population

The report goes on to state that:

The United States, the West, and other areas outside the Islamic world cannot approach Islam as if it was somehow going to become secular, separate church and state, or Islamic fundamentalism – as distinguished violent from Islamic extremism – was going to disappear.

They accept the fact that Islam itself would not become secular, but instead it is the Muslim rulers and governments ruling over the Muslims who shall be secular in their governing.

In conclusion, many signs of distress are appearing on the once smug face of Capitalism and those who head it. It is our duty not to succumb to their plots and plans and continue on the correct path.

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