Equilibrium Warfare in Syria – U.S. using ISIS as the sectarian spearhead and Russia as the equalizer

In 2015 a document by the U.S. Department of Intelligence (DIA) was leaked with some astonishing details that were not redacted. You don’t want to go away without knowing this!

It starts off with the general situation in Iraq and Syria and explains that they are both heading in the sectarian direction, failing to mention this to be a negative aspect of the war. We will conclude at the end of this article whether or not the U.S. seek a sectarian war or not.

Interestingly, this report was drafted in 2012 and released in 2015, way before Russia’s involvement in the Syrian crises. At the time of Russia’s involvement we heard many American diplomats and opposition politicians bombarding the media with this narrative that Russia are stealing America’s thunder and Obama is incapable in his policies in Syria. A lot of people saw this role of Russia in Syria contrary to what America wanted and this narrative is still played out today. The report actually documents that Russia will be involved in this conflict and will side with the Assad regime – they knew this from the very beginning it was planned, drafted and agreed upon.

You can clearly read from that, that the U.S. require an equilibrium in Syria and from the very onset they knew that the Russians were only there to kill off the opposition that the West, Gulf and Turkey have been supporting to maintain an equal playing ground. If the U.S. sought to resolve the Syrian crises then surely it would solve its issues with Russia, China and Iran to stop them from supporting the regime, right?

Who are the opposition you ask? Well from the media we know that the West are supporting the Free Syrian Army and anyone linked to the Syrian National Coalition however it clearly denotes in this document that without the work of AQI (now known as ISIS), they could not play a pivotal role in uniting the Sunni Muslims under the sectarian card to fight the dissenters who they call the Jibha al-Ruwafidh (Forefront of the Shiites)

It goes on to say that the flow of fighters and ammunition comes through the border between Iraq/Syria and it depends on AQI (now ISIS) as it has major pockets and bases on both sides. This spells out that without ISIS, the West could not support the opposition against Assad or keep the equilibrium going to destroy the infrastructure, people and livelihoods of Syria and Iraq.

It mentions that the future holds a safe haven for the Syrian regime, i.e. Assad and the Alawi’s. This is reaffirmed by the recent plans drawn up by RAND and theBrookings Institute explaining the greater plan for a federalized Syria into three regions.

Now the key for the next point is in the wording. The U.S. have maintained that they want a peaceful solution to the Syrian crises and they’ll take every opportunity to demean Russia’s actions in Syria, but make a note of the wording on this next point in the document.

Did you spot it?

Try again….

That’s right the development of a proxy war WITH SUPPORT from Russia, China and Iran. This proxy war is undoubtedly and undeniably a proxy war that doesn’t see the Americans, Russians, Chinese or even Europeans losing their lives. It is the MUSLIMS who are being targeted and it is the Muslims who are losing their lives for a war that is not even their own.

The report finally goes onto ‘prophesies’ if I may use that term loosely, that the opposition which the West support will use Iraq as a launch pad and safe haven for the Salafists, i.e. ISIS – whom they fully support and whom without the equilibrium could not be sustained without marring their own faces and sending in their own troops as was the case in the Iraq war.

And just to top all of this off they kindly mention that ‘if the situation unravels’ in the West’s favour there is a ‘possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared salafist principality’ – and what is the form of interpretation of Islam ISIS are following? … how convenient.. it’s Salafist.

Finally it decides to redact the part about facilitating the terrorist organisations into entering the Iraqi arena.

If this section were to take the angle that other powers out of America’s control were facilitating the terrorist elements to enter the Iraqi arena then it surely wouldn’t have redacted this part out. It leads one to believe that this section was in fact talking about how the West can renew the facilitation of rounding up the Jihadi organisations from around the world and push them into Iraq. Exactly what ISIS are doing today with many groups pledging their allegiances to them and flocking to join their ranks.

Now if you still believe ISIS are not their to serve the agenda of the West, then you’re truly and utterly naive. This is a sectarian war headed by the U.S with its allies Russia, Iran and China to bring the Muslims to their knees and destroy whatever they have left in their capability, i.e. nuclear, manpower or resources and ultimately their religion that binds them.

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