US CENTCOM Commander General John P.Abizaid Urges Sykes-Picot 2

The Combating Terrorism Center (CTC) have recently published an interview with the ex US CENTCOM commander John P.Abizaid on the topic of the Middle East.

Bear in mind that this man served 34 years, the longest serving commander of the US CENTCOM and has been involved in many of the huge foreign policy decisions in the West, this is no ex-army officer talking on Press TV and claiming “Israel” controls the world, what I mean is that this is no conspiracy theorist. CTC are a huge think-tank organisation who like RAND, and the Brookings Institute, shape the policies for the West going forward.

Now, he was posed the question, “In your opinion, what should be our strategic end state in this conflict?” and in his response he said that “It is hard to say what the strategic end state would be because Sunni Islamic extremism is an idea, and it is hard to destroy an idea. It’s an ideology.”

Exactly, and this is a point most Muslims fail to understand. The West themselves know that Islam is an ideology and that it is the IDEA of Islam they are trying to destroy. This is not contrary to what Allah (swt) tells the Muslims in the Holy Qur’an.

Now this isn’t the point that spurred me on to write this article. It is the question he was posed after this…. read carefully.

The post-WW1 borders is the Sykes-Picot Agreement was in 1916 as we know that WW1 was in 1914. This is clearly talking about the Sykes-Picot Agreement which saw the Middle East split up into the various states we see today.
Obviously the West can’t conclude that they are the ones stoking up sectarianism in the region to establish new lines in the sand but effectively that is what is happening and as always the crocodile tears, is aimed at the Muslims not being able to live peacefully with each other.
Now if you have read my other articles in relation to the West collusion with Russia and various factions on the ground whether that be consciously or not – the fact of the matter is, the factions on the ground are allowed to exist due to the support that is given to them by huge state sponsors, i.e. a proxy war.
This redrawing of the Middle East on sectarian lines which they themselves have harnessed and allowed through arming, funding and fundamentally supporting is the new policy going forward and it is very rarely spoken about so plainly! As you can see his response after making that statement was that “most people will clutch their heart, and do cluth their heart, every time I say something like that…” And rightly so!
If the Muslims were aware of what the plan was for their lands, they wouldn’t be so easily duped and embroiled in sectarian struggles.
Please make the Ummah aware of Sykes-Picot 2, it divided us once and set us back 100’s of years, and it’ll set us back another 100 years.

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