The Secular Attack on the Islamic Ideology

We should not think that the attack on Islam to secularise it, is a new one. In fact, this attack has existed from the time of the Prophet ﷺ. The Quraish intended to rule alongside the Messenger of Allah ﷺ in set terms, but this offer was refused unhesitatingly. The Quraish knew the impact of the Messenger’s ﷺ call. They knew that it would uproot the current system and status quo, and therefore they set out to kill him and derail him from his mission.

If we fast forward to the latter period of the Ottoman Caliphate, we can see the secular movements such as the ‘Young Turks’ were instrumental in uprooting the Islamic State apparatus and replacing it with a secular framework. This was not achieved by the Young Turks in a vacuum confined to Istanbul. As I’ve discussed before, the Europeans were creating inroads into the State as well as radicalising the Muslims who studied abroad into staunch secularists. Centres such as the Istanbul Centre and the Beirut Centre were publishing material that was contrary to Islamic beliefs and distributed in secret on mass. It was inevitable that the State would then collapse at the hand of Ataturk – who never once hid his secular leanings and was rather vocal about them.

Today, we find that the secular attack is as prevalent as it always has been, if not even more so. The Muslims in the Middle East are going through “birth pangs” as said by then US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in 2006. She was in fact talking about the ‘New Middle East’ or better known as the ‘Greater Middle East Initiative’ that was set out in 2004 to uproot the current regimes in the Middle East and replace them with secular democracies. This also meant that the borders drawn by Sykes and Picot are to be deepened and divided further upon sectarian lines. In fact, former US CENTCOM Commander John P. Abizaid stated that [sic]”the borders of the Middle east are falling apart” and “the international community and the leaders in the region have got to decide how best to reshape the Middle East and redraw the boundaries”

The longer we (Muslims) fall in to the traps set out by the leaders of disbelief, the longer the suffering will continue. It is up to the Muslim Ummah to change the situation. This secular attack will be relentless and the outcome will either be societies based on disbelief and disobedience to Allah or worse, abandonment of the Deen altogether.

We must strive to work in an organised manner, as one united entity that refers all their matters back to the Allah and His Messenger ﷺ.


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