The Attack in Nice – Think Rationally not Emotionally 4

The truck attack in Nice will no doubt be linked to “Islamic Extremism” in the first 24 hours before the truth is actually revealed. Let’s be clear, the attack is horrific and in no way affirmed by Islam or the Muslims – but leaving emotion to the side we must understand the outcomes of such attacks and the similar ones leading up to this.

If you follow the media trend on such attacks you will see that within the first 24 hours of the attack, the attackers identity will be revealed as a Muslim and that he most likely has links to ISIS or another terrorist/militia group. The government will announce their commitment to fighting terrorism and in effect get the public opinion on their side for further military action in the Middle East. However, the following hours after the first 24 hours you will find that the attackers true identity will be revealed, usually a deranged psychopath that would be easily misled or goaded into doing such attacks. You will find that the official narrative is weak and contradictions begin to appear from the over exaggerated initial reports. But it’s too late, by this time the entire world has linked this attack to Islam and Muslims, and 99% of the population have switched off the news and moved onto more “important” matters in their life. The 1% that haven’t are you, the one reading this article right now. That 1% doesn’t really matter now as they have no power or voice.

This was the case with the San Bernardino shooting, the Orlando nightclub shooting, and now this one and many others before.

We understand that these attacks most likely were carried out, putting conspiracy theories aside. And even if they didn’t happen it doesn’t make the outcome null and void because the whole world believed it to have happened in the way the media has portrayed. What we have to understand is the outcome of such attacks.

  1. It sways public opinion against Islam and Muslims further isolating them.
  2. It supports the idea of further military intervention by European States, through NATO, of the Muslim world.
  3. It amplifies the voice of those on the far right, i’m sure Marie Le Pen is loving this.
  4. It endorses the idea of an ‘extremist watchlist’ which has been an issue of contention in many countries that say it is against ones freedoms. This attacker was known by the police but not on the official ‘watchlist’ so therefore he “wasn’t tracked”.

Finally, let us also remember the millions that have died through the wars that the Western nations committed and the Muslims dying in Kashmir right now as we speak that have no voice or media attention, and the Muslims in Burma that are persecuted to the point of extinction, and the 14,000 Muslims arrested in Bangladesh just because they oppose the government.

There are many Muslims dying right now due to their involvement in our lands and will continue to die until we wake up and do something to help.


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4 thoughts on “The Attack in Nice – Think Rationally not Emotionally

  • Abu Khalil

    This won’t be the last either so long as Muslims refuse to engage in dealing with life according to Islam.

    There is also another more dangerous game at stake especially when you live in Europe which is to feel more secure through the loss of freedom which for Muslim translates to more shame for being a Muslim, but for the rest, more government control in order to pay for the price of security.

    The solidarity you mention when Kashmir and Indonesia and so on are terrorised without stint also leads to the current situation whereby Muslims are isolatd from one another on the basis of origin and so many nation states out between them.

    There is a more intelligent anti western underground movement rapidly growing as a result of many samples of the oppressive and contradictory life many of them see and while many of them are not Muslims, you’d be surprised to find out that they are quite aware of who benefits from such short term news.

    This is sadly not the case with many Muslims today. Their level of awareness is very low because their understanding of Islam, and I guess life in general is almost toxic that every time something like this happens they cannot see clearly what is behind it and who benefits from it.

    We’ll see who gains from this though like the other events in France there was an invisible hand behind them who is usually not even European.

    • Kam Post author

      Nassibiyah (Nationalism) is a disease in our hearts and the sooner we get rid of it the better it is for us as an Ummah. Although if we compare ourselves to ten years ago we are progressing and the revival is very tangible.

  • Abu Khalil

    Are you watching the game unfolding in Turkey?

    It is an attempt to consolidate and entrench the current system in the minds of the people.


    The soldiers were linked to a man who lives outside the country for more than 12 years.

    The isolation of those involved was swift even though they came out expecting more they were later embarrassed with their clothes off ensuring that the people were humiliating the army faction giving their lives even for the current system.

    Police, judges, army officers and more anti government opposition have been purged.

    The people are even more behind the current government than ever before.

    As more unfolds and the news of those involved comes out we will see even more pro government support for the president and his office to have more constitutional powers and who knows what next, Syria?

    They plot and plan…

    • Kam Post author

      Yeah I’ve been following it closely. There’s three main narratives currently, the first two being the most prominent.

      1) US-led to overthrow Erdogan as the U.S are moving away from Islamists and turning to Secularists, such as the case in Egypt with Sisi and An-Nahda denouncing Islam in politics. But it failed and gave Erdogan the excuse de-Gulenise Turkey’s upper echelons. Also allowing him to become more of an authoritarian and get a tighter grip of the throne.

      2) US-led but not to overthrow. A meagre attempt to de-militarise Turkey’s army and remove all those who are sticking point to the Syria ‘Peace Plan’.

      3) Erdogan himself did it to de-Gulenise Turkey and become the untouchable figure he’s setting out to be.

      I’m still mulling over what it could be but I think it’ll all be clear when we see what his plan in Syria is and whether he goes ahead with U.S. Plan B to split the Kurdish region off Turkey, Iraq and Iran…

      This is why I haven’t yet wrote anything on it 🙂 It’s took us all by surprise.