Erdogan’s Victory is Muslims Defeat 5

Many believe Erdogan concocted the entire thing in order to work towards his totalitarian Islamic leaning regime while the other narrative is that America were genuinely trying to overthrow Erdogan. Both views I have heard from Turkish friends. Ankara has to choose the latter view because they could not possibly tell their population that this is an agreement forged with the Americans prior to the coup attempt. The secular leaning folk like to think it was Erdogan’s Islamist approach to turn Turkey into more of an Islamic State and the religious folk believe it was America trying to derail the Islamist Erdogan.

However when we perform political analysis we shouldn’t take the common view on the ground or the corporate news narrative as ‘the’ correct angle in understanding the reality. The mainstream narrative has duped the masses in almost every country and is used as a tool to shape popular opinion in order to pass through draconian laws and the like.

We have to remember Erdogan’s goal of becoming a ceremonial figurehead for Turkey who sits above the government does not come cheaply. America, Russia and Syria have been arming the YPG to fight ISIS. The PKK have had experience fighting alongside YPG using urban warfare tactics which they now employ in and within Turkey to carry out spectacular terror attacks. This is one way the Americans can keep a check on Turkey, by continuing its support of Kurdish militancy under the guise of fighting ISIS.

Russia’s sanctions on Turkey also cripple Turkey’s economy and like we have seen it didn’t take long before they kiss and make up. In fact the Russian airplane was shot down by a plane leaving the U.S. Incirlik Airbase and Erdogan admitted they went out of the chain of command to shoot it down, days after the U.S. advised if Russia go over their airspace again Turkey has the right to shoot it down.

Some argue it’s Russia vs America and therefore Turkey are swinging to the Russian axis. This is a ridiculous and an unfounded statement which puts Russia at the same level as America in terms of superpower status. In fact, America holds Russia by the nuts on many issues and therefore Russia must continue to play the game set out by the Americans for the Middle East if it wants to come out of it with something, namely an Alawite state in Western Syria. The Middle East plan is for America now whether the Russians, Turks or Europeans like it or not — Russia has realised this fact and that is why it coordinates its attacks with the U.S. in Syria and made a tactical retreat when the Syrian regime held the upper hand, as to not tip the balance of power towards the regime. If it were seeking its own interests, then it would have secured Syria and the regime. Russia realise they either sit back and let America do what they like or they get involved and at least salvage some part of Syria that they can hold on to, a piece of the cake as America would call it.

We need to understand that nations and their leaders have certain interests however under a unipolar world, the interests cannot be taken free of charge. Turkey will get their ceremonial figurehead, but they’ll lose a part of Turkey in the process to the Kurds and they’ll take half the blame with Russia on splitting Syria into three parts, as described by many high level U.S. policy think-tanks including RAND and Brookings Institute.

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5 thoughts on “Erdogan’s Victory is Muslims Defeat

  • Abu Khalil

    Spot on Brother!

    Sometimes we have an opinion and it influences us when we look at what’s going on within countries we live in and most especially associate ourselves with in terms of our ‘origins’.

    For example, a person is seen as a gentleman who speaks with charisma and if married his wife is judged in the same way as upright sophisticated etc.

    When this person acts in the political shower the opinion highlighted above makes us judge those actions as in capable of treachery.

    This can be seen when a person identifies such gentlemanliness with a Shaikh from one of the mosques in Arabia, a politician from Europe and so on.

    What we forget is what you’ve highlighted brother. The need to be politically aware so we won’t be fooled again and again.

    Many a bearded old men have faced our noble prophet Mohammed peace be upon him with the aim of fooling him, physically harming him and subjugating the Muslims around him with hardship and oppression.

    What did he do? His actions paved the way for us to learn how to protect ourselves, our dignity and our lands from those who wish us harm.

    Turkey is such a scene where many a people have mixed up their origins and replaced where they come from and their gentlemen with Islam and the examples of the Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him.

    Jazakallah for your reminder brother.

    Incidentally, those who work in a more international environment that involves contact with the outside world understand that countries always revolve around their national interest much as their companies do.

    It’s those overwhelmin majority of the Muslims living in a cave that do not seem to want to come out and see the world for what it is and how to interpret it according to the correct guidance and rules of Islam.

    That’s not a small number of people either!

    • Kam Post author

      Jazakallah Khairan for your input brother Abu Khalil,

      I believe that the more the Muslims progress towards revival the more they will treat events around the world as affecting themselves also. This is just the nature of the one who holds an Islamic personality.

      • Abu Khalil

        Sa Kam,

        This is what surprises me and any Muslim who understands the situation of people today.

        Why are all or almost all of the different people working for Islam busy calling for the return of Islam (physically) in one way or another when Muslims do not understand Islam in the first place.

        Check out the video below for an example of the effect of generally calling for Islam and without ensuring that the person has actually understood it bringing him into administrative the sphere.

        On the other hand, because the leaders of most of the groups are in a hurry to see their expansion either physically in the form of numbers or materialistically in the form of finance, they all let their ego control their judgement when it comes to taking the time to have people trust them, ensuring that they pass on the right Islamic ideas, building a positive image for whatever it is they are calling for which in turn means giving Islam a positive image.

        It’s all about understanding how to build our lives and aiming for Jannah basically by ensuring we never forget who we are.

        The Erdogans and other Muslim leaders will come and go, but we need to follow the Islamic rules and to do that we need to understand a great deal as the future of any people including its changes is a burden carried by its youth.

        That’s not condoning them either…

        • Kam Post author

          This is another reason why Hizb ut-Tahrir had a redress in 1997. It was becoming evident that there was infiltration and the party was moving in the wrong direction and method. The correct Hizb ut-Tahrir is continuing the work under the correct method but they’re not as public as Abdul Qaddim Zallum’s group are in the U.K and that is why whenever you mention the name people instantly relate it to the incorrect HT. However it is the Zallumi’s that saw Ed Husain, Maajid Nawaz and their ilk join. They didn’t infiltrate the HT that’s on the correct method and more prominent in the Arab lands.

          • Abu Khalil

            This has always been my point.

            There must be a tremendous amount of care given to how we form relationships with people and until they trust us and see us living our lives as Muslims the name and formal relationship between the groups and the individuals will be artificially bound.

            Forget the different names out there for a second, ask anyone on the street the basis by which a distinction can be made between them and you’ll find it has nothing to do with the sincere effort unless that person has seen you living as a Muslim and earned your trust and respect.

            It’s the way of the prophets and the their message was always the same. Yes we aren’t calling people to Islam from scratch but honestly, for some people it is as if they have never heard some of the aspect of Islam such as its relationship with life, the types of bonds that people must have in order to be permanently linked, and the little separations that find their way into our thinking when deciding how to live our lives so Islam impacts it and so forth.

            The damage is not what Z does or A does but how much we ourselves understand our responsibility rather than the glittery image our collective effort brings even though when carried out correctly it can be of use but it isn’t the aim itself.

            Like Omar (RA) says, leave people where they put themselves.

            All we can do is tell them and pray our hearts are also kept firmly around Islam.