Attack on Borussia Dortmund Football Team

If this attack turns out to be a terror attack, then it’s timing is well calculated, similarly to the Westminster attack, Russian metro bombing and the Stockholm truck attack.


On the 25th January, the Trump administration set a 90 day deadline to implement “safe zones” in Syria, or as it should be known as the ‘balkanisation of Syria’. The 90 day deadline ends in a few weeks time and it comes as no surprise that the sudden flurry of terror attacks follow suit. First, America’s “bold” move to bomb the regime and let everyone know that America are back on the scene and now a whole host of terror attacks to bring the fear level right to it’s maximum, in order to push through the plan to split Syria into multiple zones based on ethnic and sectarian divisions.


I wrote about the balkanisation plan of Syria many times over the past few years based on the policy set out by both the Brookings Institute and the Rand corporation. You can read them again here:






The targeting of football fans is not a new style, if it so happens to be a terror attack, as we saw in France not long ago. Europe is enjoying a full swing to the right from what the West would term the “lower to middle class”. Targeting football fans, especially popular teams in Europe such as Borussia Dortmund and Monaco, gives maximum effect on pushing the agenda against Muslims and Islam in Europe.


All of these terror attacks in Europe lately are clearly all too much of a coincidence and another case of ISIS carrying out attacks to aid the West on its agenda against the Ummah.. with meticulous timing…

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