Did the ‘War on Islam’ change with the new administration?

American foreign policy regarding Islam hasn’t changed since the fall of communism. They have been fighting the tide of an Islamic revival for decades now and while the styles may have adapted over time, they themselves know there is no winning formula to defeat Islam as the idea of Islam is water tight. From an Islamic perspective, we know that Islam is the truth and we are certain that Kufr will never overpower the Haqq.

Bush administration, Obama administration and Trump administration, are nothing but styles executing a plan, and that plan is to destroy the ideology of Islam since it is the only remaining ideology that threatens Capitalism.

Obama started off the buck-passing policy where he uses puppet nations to do the dirty work while America pulls the strings in the background. This was the case during the Arab Spring as well as their position in Syria. This saves America the most money and lives, and it is more popular than having their own men and women out there on the ground, due to the failure of the Iraq war. It also saves face for America as others carry out the destruction on their behalfs, such as Russia and the Gulf countries.

Trump administration is not only flexing their muscles for public opinion but also due to the ongoing investigation into Russian links. This sudden clash with Russia is an attempt to show the American public that they are not allies and helps keep the equilibrium that Russia and Iran serve the Shia, while America and the Gulf serve the Sunni.

Trump will continue to use brute force by air on “ISIS” targets due to the dehumanisation of ISIS. However, we know that ISIS are merely a pretext for just about anything and there is no international norms or laws when it comes to “fighting ISIS”. In reality, the strikes are political messages to the rest of the world that despite changes in administration, America is still the sole superpower and can do whatever they like, whether those who were bombed, UN, Russia etc, like it or not.

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