Grenfell Tower Fire: Capitalism on Trial

Capitalism is on trial after the #GrenfellTower disaster. It proves there are many that are disillusioned with the system. It proves that anti-establishment is not only anti-Capitalism but people seeking a new system.

It proves the weakness of the West and how they’re struggling to keep their population content, even though they’ve filled their lives with so many distractions, such as beauty and healthcare for women, gaming and lad culture for men.

It proves that the West have identified a long time ago that there has been an Islamic Awakening in the Muslims that will be a severe threat to their system and way of life. A battle they themselves know that they can never win.

It proves that the Arab Spring was engineered to either create further divisions in the Muslim lands or prematurely push Islamists into power only to humiliate them and prove to the Muslims that Islam cannot solve their problems.

It proves that when democracy and secularism couldn’t be exported to the Muslims, the better option is to destroy them, subdue them, and leave them in sectarian turmoil.

It proves that even though they spend their wealth to hinder mankind as Allah (swt) says, they’re not willing to spend all of it and are now making Saudi foot the bill for the Sunni side and Qatar to foot the bill for the Shia side. Pure Capitalism, as wealth was their utmost priority when formulating their ideology.

It proves that they plot and plan, and Allah (swt) also plans, and Allah is the best of planners because the Muslims continue to revive and climb out of destruction singing LA ILAAHA ILLALAH.

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