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Stay-behind operatives were used during the Cold War by the CIA to be activated in the event of that country being taken over by the “enemy”. These operatives were tasked with creating resistance movements which were financed, armed and directed from abroad. A cheap and effective way of ensuring America’s dominance. However, stay-behind operations have continued since the Cold War and Nasser Zefzafi, the leader of the Al-Hirak al-Shaabi, or the ‘Popular Movement’ in Morocco is one such example of America’s continuation of stay-behind tactics. These are the stay-behind activists of the “Arab Spring”.

Nasser Zefzafi comes from a family of anti-government protestors and is the founder of ‘Popular Movement’. His organisation calls for greater government investment, more jobs and tighter fishing laws. For those who are following the post “Arab Spring” developments in the Middle East, you will have witnessed similarities in Zefzafi’s movement to the ‘You Stink’ campaign in Lebanon that called for similar political changes.

Nasser Zefzafi giving a speech during the “Arab Spring”

The ‘You Stink’ movement is allegedly due to the dysfunctional garbage collection services in Lebanon, but like all ‘color revolutions’ conducted by America, they start off based on domestic issues before they brew into a far more game changing scenario. This is why the placards being raised not only want the issue of garbage collection to be resolved but also a complete overhaul of the government, calling for new and fresh elections based on participatory democracy.

Those leading the ‘You Stink’ movement in Lebanon in 2015 had later been identified as activists working on behalf of the Americans (see link for article in 2015 linking ‘You Stink’ activists to the US) to push the regime into further secularisation and potentially splitting the country by the various minorities that reside there, even though the US were the ones to create this power-sharing government in the first place. It is clear the West is pursuing a policy of divide and rule, in order to weaken the Muslim nations and keep them divided on sectarianism.

You Stink Protest in Lebanon (2015)

Zefzafi’s Popular Movement is based in the troubled Rif region of northern Morroco. The Riffian people are majority Berber ethnicity. The same Berber who follow the Ibadi school of thought and had recently received a damning Fatwa by the Western propped-up Abdullah al-Thani’s government in Libya. This Fatwa stated that those who follow the Ibadi school of thought are Batiniyya Khawarij, i.e those who believe that the Qu’ran is created by other than Allah (swt) and also that they reject the Rou’yah (sighting). This gives a green light to the West and their tools such as the UN, NATO and Russia, under the guise of protecting minorities, to intervene and split the land by sectarianism.

Secondly, Nasser Zefzafi was also a member of the February 20 Movement that spearheaded anti-government protests across Morocco in the so called Arab Spring in 2011. It should naturally send alarm bells ringing the moment you hear of someone being involved in the “Arab Spring” as it only furthered the Western agenda for the Middle East. The aftermath of the “Arab Spring” was the hardest fact that it was engineered by the US, without needing to dig up policy papers, think-tank reports or newspaper articles.

Thirdly, Zefzafi’s movement was founded on the basis of a well-publicised death of Mouhcine Fikri, a fishmonger in Al-Hoceima, in October 2016. He protested against the seizure of swordfish caught out of season, yet he returned to the forefront when he suddenly stopped a Friday Khutbah to call for fresh demonstrations, for which he was arrested. This led to thousands protesting against his arrest and rather than calling for a simple release of Zefzafi, they held up placards saying “I am Zefzafi” and waved Berber flags. This proves that the aim of the ‘Popular Movement’ was not to tighten fishing laws or better economic decisions by the government. But rather, it was to highlight the fact that the Berber do not feel represented and as mentioned above, under the guise of protecting minorities. This gives the West a good enough reason to start hatching and scheming Sykes-Picot 2, to further split the Muslim lands and this time not on vague nationalistic lines, but on deep bloody sectarianism.

In conclusion, it is clear that the US continue to use stay-behind operatives but this time acting as activists in order to progress the Greater Middle East Initiative, which is to reshape the Muslim world and destroy Her will. It is imperative for every Muslim to be aware of the plots and plans of the West and highlight to the Ummah when a plan is being schemed against them. In the case of Nasser Zefzafi and his ‘Popular Movement’, it is clear that he and his colleagues are part of a greater goal of marginalising the Berber community from the Muslim Ummah and using this as a pretext for the West to intervene and cause Fitna amongst the Muslims. Fatwa’s such as those being parotted in Libya calling on those who follow the Ibadi school of thought as heretics should also be dismissed by the Ummah and remain as a black mark on those organisations that further the Western agenda.

May Allah (swt) protect the Muslims from further sectarianism and shun those who wish to seperate us.



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