Don’t take the Syrian Situation in Isolation

We can’t take Syria in isolation to the greater foreign policy of the US in the Middle East. Just go back 14 years and you’ll come across a long-term plan drafted then by the Bush administration called the Greater Middle East Initiative. As Condoleezza Rice put it: “It’s the birth pangs of a New Middle East”, i.e America is trying to reshape the region to better align with their own imperial ambitions. Their ambitions are to eradicate Islam once and for all as it is the only remaining ideology that challenges it. Why else would the majority of their budget go into the War on Islam? As we are already told by the Almighty Creator.

Now it’s clear to all that there is only one dominant superpower in the world that tilts the balance. No matter how far the debate has gone on about China, India, Russia being emerging powers. That’s all they are, “emerging”, and therefore to start confusing ourselves with the ambitions of those nations to America’s ambition will only cause you to fall into the trap of pointless debate. This is how they blur your vision.

So if America is the sole superpower today, they must have grand plans to maintain that hegemony. Right?

This is the Greater Middle East Initiative. Please read up on it. But in a nutshell for those who don’t have the time to do the research, it is a long-term plan for America with the use of its allies which includes Russia, EU, and even the likes of Iran, to reform the Muslim lands, change their hearts and minds so that they don’t yearn for an Islamic solution to governance and accept capitalism and democracy as the only viable solution to their problems.

This no doubt includes breaking up certain countries into smaller more manageable nations based on sectarian and ethnic lines.This is exactly what we have been witnessing since 2004. The likes of Sudan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and many others.

Now once you have knowledge of this plan you can start to understand what the other key players are doing in relation to it. If America already wrote about a Deconstructed Syria (Brookings Institute) or a Peace Plan for Syria (Rand) way before Russia was ever involved, yet Russia is following that plan meticulously? It’s easy to reconcile that Russia is a key ally in delivering the US plans, especially at a time when the US has boots on the ground on their border in Ukraine and threaten to destabilise the other surrounding Baltic nations.

The only way an established world order is interrupted is by a competing new world order. And a competing new world order will never come about if the people themselves cannot see through the fog. We must wake up. And be united.

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