Using Fear as a Tactic to Control Dissent

We will experience a very different UK in the next couple of years as Theresa May and her government get forced into a bad deal Brexit. The British Government have always been effective when it comes to diversionary tactics and what better diversion than to use the fear of terrorism.

It is in man’s nature to bond around eachother during an external invasion and terrorist attacks are generally seen as such. We will most likely experience unprecedented amount of attacks that will be attributed to terrorism but have all the hallmarks of Western intelligence.

This is why the British Government have formerly launched first aid training to members of the public in the case of a terror attack, which will include knife, bomb and shooting incidents. This aims to generate an atmosphere of fear that will occupy the minds of the public as their Government tread a rocky path out of the European Union especially after May’s Chequers plan was dismissed, leaving her with no option but to take a huge economic hit through a bad deal or no deal Brexit.

This comes at a time when the police force in the UK are already stretched yet public services are used to further government agendas. Not to mention the fact that Britain have become the second largest weapons supplier in the world following increase in war manufacturing with Saudi Arabia being their most prized customer. The British public have already voiced their concerns over selling weapons to the Saud’s due to their disproportionate bloodthirsty aggression against the Muslims in Yemen.

To this end, expect an increase in intelligence-led “terror” attacks to help cloud the mind of the public in believing that there is a bigger threat that they should be worried about.

Fear is the opium of the masses.

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