Protests and Marches are for Idiots

Peaceful protests, marches and demonstrations are not only for idiots but also the blind. If one steps back and looks at the historical context of them, they’d find it was actually produced as an alternative way of dissenting against the government or the individuals holding power after the enlightenment, which in itself was bloody and not peaceful at all.

After the capitalists attained power over the clergy they carefully put in place all the checks and balances required to maintain their dominance and order. They studied history and quite quickly would have realised that revolutions and violent protests needed to be maintained. How did they do that? By promoting the idea of peaceful protests, one that saves lives, one that is seen to be “civilised” and one that quells the zeal of the masses.

They introduced unions in the workplace which often worked to give voice to the workers on small peripheral matters such as pay and labour. Those unions would peacefully demonstrate and the masses would be duped into believing this is the way to effect change.

In reality, this was called managing dissent. The same people, when it comes to accounting governments now take to the streets, shout, sloganise, march and demand. In return, they may get a few mentions from those who subjugate them, maybe even a few small concessions, but no real change.

As brutal, inhumane and callous as this may sound, but violent protesting, and the days of taking out your pitchfork and torches, was the real and natural way to remove a repressive order.

One only needs to look at history and find that even a peaceful protest by Ghandhi against the British had to turn bloody for any change to occur. Never in the history of any corrupt, repressive, dictatorial rule has a peaceful protest or march changed anything.

Now for those actively promoting it, leading the Muslims to take this approach are either incredulously stupid or purposefully deceitful. For the general Muslim who plays the role of sheep. Next time you’re protesting, look around at all that zeal around you and watch it go down the pan by the time you’re home and running your kettle to settle down for the night feeling content you did something. It was sadly, something pointless.

Capitalism is about managing democracy and managing dissent. There will be no peaceful anything when real change is effected.

If you read to the bottom. The title of this article was purposefully controversial and to evoke emotion in the Ummah to change her way of effecting change. But not necessarily encouraging the Ummah to go into harms way as this also would be futile without the masses on side holding the same concepts and idea of change.

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