American foreign policy regarding Islam hasn’t changed since the fall of communism. They have been fighting the tide of an Islamic revival for decades now and while the styles may have adapted over time, they themselves know there is no winning formula to defeat Islam as the idea of Islam […]

Did the ‘War on Islam’ change with the new administration?

If this attack turns out to be a terror attack, then it’s timing is well calculated, similarly to the Westminster attack, Russian metro bombing and the Stockholm truck attack.   On the 25th January, the Trump administration set a 90 day deadline to implement “safe zones” in Syria, or as […]

Attack on Borussia Dortmund Football Team

Evacuate! This is the common call from across the world in regards to the Muslims of Aleppo, and who would not wish to? When witnessing the constant bombardment of Russian air strikes as well as knowing that Iranian militia alongside the disgraceful Alawite army of Assad will be knocking down […]

The Evacuation of Aleppo is a Trap!

As Trump prepares to take office and attempt to lead America down his vision many Muslims have become confused and uncertain about their future. It has become an emotional topic for some, to the point that they partake in lobbying, rallying, and supporting parties that represent Kufr (disbelief). Firstly, we […]

Trump becomes 45th U.S President: What does this mean for ...

Introduction The increase in Islamophobia and the rise of extreme right-wing anti-Muslim organisations are intrinsically linked. It would be foolish to think they would arise out of chance or through spectacular terror attacks.  It was suggested that the right-wing groups in Europe are directly and indirectly funded through the same donors […]

America is Behind the Rise of the Right-Wing: Funding Islamophobia ...

There are often key moments in the world of geopolitics where if missed, leave one detached from the reality and consumed by the false narrative portrayed by the media. After the intentionally flawed coup attempt in Turkey, you would have come across vast analysis by independent journalists who talk about […]

Turkey, Russia, China Following U.S. Plan for Syria

Many believe Erdogan concocted the entire thing in order to work towards his totalitarian Islamic leaning regime while the other narrative is that America were genuinely trying to overthrow Erdogan. Both views I have heard from Turkish friends. Ankara has to choose the latter view because they could not possibly tell […]

Erdogan’s Victory is Muslims Defeat

The Arab Spring saw a host of “revolutions” that deposed dictators on the basis of their authoritarian rule, yet post-Arab Spring some states collapsed entirely, others clung on to power and some were overthrown by new dictators. It has now become clear that the Arab Spring was indeed engineered through Western NGO’s […]

What is the Future for Egypt?

It was apparent to some that the military coup, no doubt designed and executed by the U.S. at the hands of their agent Fehtullah Gulen was doomed to fail. What looked like a genuine attempt at first raising the hopes of the secularists, Gulenists and Fehtullah Gulen himself, began to […]

The Military Coup Designed to Fail?

﷽ The truck attack in Nice will no doubt be linked to “Islamic Extremism” in the first 24 hours before the truth is actually revealed. Let’s be clear, the attack is horrific and in no way affirmed by Islam or the Muslims – but leaving emotion to the side we […]

The Attack in Nice – Think Rationally not Emotionally